What Our golfers Say

I had been wanting to play golf for at least 10 years but did not have the confidence to join a club or even go out & hit some balls with friends. Since started with 1Club I have been playing golf at least 3 times a week with different friends & occasionally by myself. I can’t thank Sandy enough for making golf for a beginner so simple.

Janet Emonson

I gave Kaye’s grandson and his friend an on-course lesson today – using your 1Club principles and a putter, the kids absolutely loved it. The smile/excitement on their face when they hit it flush with a little divot (without tees on the ground) is priceless. They said “practice range is boring, this is fun!!”. And at the end I asked them “do you think you can go out there and play by yourselves safely?” and their answer was “absolutely!”.

Aung PGA coach

We had a ball. I loved that the family could all play together and we got the best tips on how to play golf stress free. I have been wanting to play golf for years but just couldn’t allocate the time to learn and 5 hours of my day to play. To play 1club golf, where you literally use 1 club and only an hour and a half of my time is a complete winner. The course is beautiful to walk around and the golf is really FUN. Thanks again. We will be back next week!


 Had the absolute pleasure of taking the family to 1Club Golf yesterday. Sandy is an excellent coach, and the way he has structured the game absolutely engages and teaches golf so that it ‘sticks’ with you. Build your swing, and enjoy the game instead of getting frustrated and learning bad habits. Tan, Sam and Charlie (and me) really enjoyed it, we will be back! Thanks Sandy Jamieson


Thanks Sandy, I absolutely had a ball. You made it stress free, and I really hope I can make it part of my life going forward. I already found a friend who wants to have a round hopefully later in the week, so will be in touch re a tee time


Thanks for yesterday made everything just so enjoyable, nice and easy makes it more inviting to enjoy learning. Really appreciate it.