How it works

Good golfer in just 1-Hour!

Full video

It is recommended you take 5 minutes to watch the full first session video before heading to the course for your first session so you have a good idea what to expect. This will result in an even more enjoyable first session and will give you a chance to think of any questions you may still have.


This short video shows you what to do and expect when you arrive at the course for the very first time to start your 1Club Journey. Simply head to the golf shop where you will meet the staff who are expecting you, they will introduce you to your coach and you will be straight into it. Have fun!

Smart club

You will be given a Smart club to use for the session which has been especially designed to make learning easy. If you can let your instructor know if you are left or right-handed that would be a help but if you don’t know they will help you in making the best choice. The Smart club has a grip with a flat edge on top where we place our thumbs to help us hold the club efficiently; it also has a circle in the middle of the clubface to indicate where we would like to hit the ball.


Golf is a safe game however due to the nature of the club and ball there are a few guidelines we need to follow to ensure we avoid injury and have a great experience. Before swinging a club check the surrounding area to make sure nobody is endangered of getting hit by the club or ball. When watching another golfer play stand 3 to 4m away never forward of the golfer, it’s actually a lot like the off-side rule in soccer

Speed of play 

As golf is a shared space it’s important, we move at a speed which allows everyone to enjoy their round. Whilst it’s a sport and we want to stay active it’s not a matter of running around the course but simply being organized. Watch where you ball and your playing partners finish up so you know when it’s your turn and you’re ready to play the shortest hit goes first so we stay safe.

Your ability

Everyone can already play golf if we understand what our current skill level is and gradually build. Your current skill relates to the length of swing we can make while hitting the ball in or near the circle on the clubface while it’s pointing at the target. On the putting green everyone can hit the ball with a small swing progressing the ball 1 to 5m and it’s perfectly natural that somewhere between that and a big swing you may have seen others make, you will struggle at first. The key to enjoying and improving is to find the level of swing you can make using it to work your way around the course it doesn’t matter how far it goes just keep doing it gradually building, if you do try a bigger one and its not successful go back to a smaller one so we can keep the game moving. Less thinking more doing is the key.

Course care

Golf courses are beautiful places kept in amazing condition for playing golf and as golfers we all need to play our part in keeping them that way. For every shot we play apart from the putting green the club should at least brush the ground in order to hit the ball in the circle which is where you will get you best results. This can especially on bigger shots result in a divot which we need to repair by filling with sand which you carry around in small buckets provided at the start of play. All care should be taken not to hit the green with the club when putting as this is a highly manicured part of the course that needs to roll true for golfers.